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An NYC Bar Is Serving Drinks in Lidded Cups After Multiple Allegations of Drugged Cocktails

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The G.O.A.T. in Staten Island added the measures after three women claimed their drinks got spiked

The Goat on Staten Island The Goat/Facebook

Multiple women have allegedly had their drinks drugged at a new Staten Island bar and restaurant called the G.O.A.T. — prompting the owner to serve cocktails with lidded cups and hire more security, the Post reports.

One woman tweeted about the incident this past weekend, prompting two others to share similar experiences with bar owner Chris Shaleesh. The three women told Shaleesh they could barely speak after being unknowingly dosed with a drug that knocked them out, possibly Xanax, according to the Post.

Shaleesh has now taken steps including the lidded cocktail cups at night, additional security, and posters in the bathroom saying that people feeling unsafe can order an “angel shot” to request help from a staffer. He has also notified the NYPD, which is investigating the incident, and is checking security cameras to catch the person or persons behind this. “If you think everyone is outraged about this, I’m 10 times more outraged,” he tells the Post.

Staten Island police responded to a tweet that has since been deleted saying that no police report has been filed at the establishment.

The party spot opened just last month at 1674 Richmond Road in Dongan Hills, selling ridiculous food and drinks like a colorfully striped “unicorn grilled cheese” and “the Trash Can” cocktail that’s made with Four Loko as its base. The bar has reportedly drawn a big crowd on weekends.

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1674 Richmond Road, Staten Island, NY 10304