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East Village Wing Shop Had a Super Bowl Meltdown So Bad, It’s Being Compared to Fyre

Plus, the arguments begin about the foie gras ban — and more intel

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Atomic Wings Atomic Wings/Facebook

Atomic Wings majorly dropped the ball on Super Bowl Sunday

Tons of people who preordered wings from Atomic Wings in the East Village for Super Bowl Sunday were completely shafted. A flood of Yelp reviews and Tweets, as well as a photo on EV Grieve, show that a lot of people never received wings that they preordered and prepaid for to arrive for Sunday’s game. “This is the Fyre Festival of wings,” one Yelp reviewer wrote. “Biggest scam in New York City. 4 hours later and still no wings.”

Upper West Siders petition to save Starbucks from closing

More than 500 people have signed a petition to save — yes, save — an Upper West Side Starbucks from closing. Unfortunately the store at 338 Columbus Ave. is already closed — maybe because the petition was directed at former CEO Howard Schultz, who has no involvement in Starbucks anymore.

Post critic argues foie gras ban is about anger at the “rich”

Yesterday’s news of a potential bill banning foie gras in New York City has people up in arms. Post critic Steve Cuozzo is arguing that “it’s not really about humane treatment of animals. It’s a selective-outrage thumb in the eye, or the gullet, of the ‘rich.’ Who eats foie gras except the rich?” he writes. He continues by saying that pigs are “highly intelligent,” but no one is proposing that the city bans pork. “Those who can’t handle it should stick to their leaves and beans — and let the rest of us, rich and poor, eat what we want,” he concludes.

Two museums offer themed meals to J.R.R. Tolkien and Frida Kahlo exhibits

The Morgan Library and Museum in Murray Hill has a new J.R.R. Tolkien exhibit, and the cafe is serving a Hobbit-themed menu to go alongside. Both explore life on Middle Earth, Tolkien’s fantasy land full of elves, dwarves, and, of course, hobbits. The $39 set menu is available through May 12, with dishes such as mincemeat pie, twice-baked honey cakes, and mead.

Over at the Brooklyn Museum, a Frida Kahlo exhibit comes with a rotating roster of chefs cooking Mexican food at the museum’s restaurant the Norm. Former Sueños chef Sue Torres is kicking things off with shrimp flautas, sweet plantain gorditas cakes, and more. Chefs from Chela, Oxomoco, Claro, and La Morada will also be cooking. This also runs through May 12, starting February 8.

Two celeb spottings at Upper East Side hot spots

Two posh celebrity sightings occurred on the tony Upper East Side: Actress Jennifer Lawrence ate with her boyfriend at Elio’s on Saturday night, the Italian restaurant known for drawing a monied crowd. Meanwhile, fellow actress Drew Barrymore also went out on the UES, reportedly hanging out at gay piano bar Townhouse for the evening last week.