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Sietsema Finds a Comically Small but Worthy Sandwich on the Quest for the Best

One Girl Cookies offers a virtuous spinach sandwich that’s ideal to tuck away as a snack

One Girl Cookies Industry City One Girl Cookies [Official]

It is my intention to celebrate the sandwich this year by finding as many tasty examples as possible, with a special emphasis on fringe styles. I will do this on a weekly basis, and periodically present round-ups of the ones I consider best. See the rest of the sandwiches here.

Miniature Egg Sandwich

At the string of Brooklyn cafes called One Girl Cookies, many things are produced in miniature, including tiny cookies and tiny pastries. Yes, they are cute. Among them is a miniature sandwich featuring a round brioche roll, sold at room temperature throughout the day, or as long as the supply lasts. It may be the city’s smallest sandwich.

A split roll is filled with a combination of egg, spinach, and American cheese that has been baked in individual ramekins with a little bit of shortening to keep them from sticking, sometimes referred to as shirred eggs.

The sandwich is comical and perhaps a bit costly at $4. The advantage, aside from a mellow and pleasing flavor with a slight oxalic bite from the spinach, is that the sandwich makes you want to buy another right away. It also gives a sense of virtue for eating greens for breakfast or a snack, and can easily be thrust into your pocket for later consumption. If it only had a tiny slice of bacon, the sandwich would have been near perfect. 234 36th St., Industry City Building 2, at Third Avenue, Sunset Park

One Girl Cookies egg sandwich
One Girl Cookies egg sandwich
Robert Sietsema/Eater
One Girl Cookies Industry City Sunset Park

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