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Eggslut Chef’s Popular Filipino LA Takeout Spot Will Reopen in NYC as a Bigger Project

Alvin Cailan of the Usual sets his sights next on Amboy, a full-service version of his popular LA takeout spot

Alvin Cailan
Alvin Cailan
Louise Palmberg/Eater

Alvin Cailan — the chef behind the Usual and LA cult favorite Eggslut — is opening another restaurant in New York, this time serving Filipino food. Grub Street reports that the chef will create a full-service version of his popular LA takeout spot Amboy, digging into Filipino dishes that he’s been cooking for the last two decades.

Located at 207 Mulberry St. between Spring and Kenmare streets in Nolita, Amboy will open this summer with potential dishes like lobster pancit, a take on crispy pata made with duck instead of pork knuckle, and his version of the oxtail-peanut butter stew kare-kare. Grilling, too, will be on deck.

Cailan has made his name in LA with fancy egg sandwiches, and his first New York restaurant, also in Nolita, puts fried chicken as the centerpiece. He’s also known for his burgers, including Bob’s Burgers-themed pop-ups that commanded long lines. Amboy, though, is his “end-all, be-all restaurant,” he tells Grub Street — a representation of the cuisine he cooks at home and the one passed down from his parents.

The restaurant previously lived in a takeout iteration in LA, and like his other projects, it was a well-liked operation offering a simple menu of rice and protein dishes. Cailan also has done Amboy pop-ups in New York.

The chef joins a crew of other restaurants in the city who’ve drawn people for contemporary takes on Filipino cuisine. Places like Jeepney and Pig & Khao have all made names for themselves in downtown Manhattan for lively vibes and Filipino dishes with a twist.


207 Mulberry St., New York, NY 10012