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Her Name Is Han Hitmakers Venture Into Korean Hot Pot in Nomad Tonight

On is now open with jeongol, or Korean-style hot pot, in a very industrial space

On On [Official Photo]

The Korean empire builders behind packed Midtown hits like Her Name is Han and Take31 are opening a hot pot spot nearby in Nomad tonight.

On — incongruously styled o:n° — has set up shop in a very industrial space at 110 Madison Ave., between 29th and 30th streets, with different types of jeongol, or Korean-style hot pot. In this communal style, raw ingredients are placed in a stew pot. Broth is then added, and they’re all boiled together in there. Options, ranging from $35 to $65 in one- to four-people portions, include a tomato seafood one with blue crab, clams, shrimp, scallops, sea bass, monk fish, and calamari; as well as a chicken with perilla seed pot with bacon and whole roasted garlic.

Meals here have a very specific cadence, outlined clearly on the menu. After ordering, rice and vegetables are brought to the table to begin steaming while appetizers start to come. Then, the hot pot is brought to the table for diners to cook, and when that part is done, one of four types of noodles — udon, ramen, short pasta, or rice noodles — is added. Appetizers include octopus terrine and edamame pancakes, and there’s also wine, beer, and tea-infused cocktails such as one with jasmine-infused gin, honey, lemon, and ginger.

On On [Official Photo]

Tables have induction burners on them to boil the pots, and they’re set inside a very industrial 56-seat space. Unfinished concrete walls without adornment and simple oak wood tables and chairs are part of what the restaurant is calling “maximized minimalism.” The idea is to “draws on the cold atmosphere to play against the induction cooking that literally warms up the space,” a spokesperson says in a release.

On comes from Hand Hospitality, which since 2011 with the opening of Take31, has quietly become one of the most impactful presences in NYC’s Korean food. It now owns seven restaurants, including yakitori restaurant Nonono and the well-reviewed Her Name is Han. It’s all part of a larger wave of modernized and playful yet stylish Korean restaurants opening in the city, such as Atoboy and Oiji.

On is now open Sunday through Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. anthis od Friday and Saturday until midnight.


110 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016 (917) 261-4326 Visit Website