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Master of Luxury Gabriel Kreuther Is Now Also Cooking at a Lavish Midtown Hotel

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The fine dining chef has become a culinary director at Baccarat, a hotel from a crystal company

Grand Salon
Grand Salon’s dining room
Grand Salon [Official]

Chef Gabriel Kreuther is bringing his expertise on the finer things in life to Baccarat Hotel New York, a lavish Midtown hotel from the French crystal company where he’s just been named culinary director.

Kreuther — an Alsatian chef best known for his two-Michelin-starred eponymous restaurant with traditional, European fine dining luxuries — will be putting new menus in both a restaurant called Grand Salon and in an accompanying bar and lounge. New dishes will be on deck, such as smoked eel croquettes, an Alsatian spaetzle with cider-braised rabbit, and a burger with a black truffle sauce. Classics from Kreuther’s own restaurant will also be available here as well, including the famed tarte flambée and kougelhopf, a traditional Alsatian cake shaped like a bundt.

It’s an on-brand partnership, which is anticipated to be longterm. The hotel, located at 28 West 53rd St. between Fifth and Sixth avenues, was the first for the crystal company, and the space is filled with symbols of grandeur. There are 15,000 crystal pieces throughout the hotel, and a $60 million penthouse sits up top. The Grand Salon and the bar, too, have a share of those crystals, with many chandeliers hanging throughout the area. Each table has a minimum spending requirement of $75, according to the menu.

Grand Salon tartare
Spicy tuna tartare
Grand Salon [Official]

The chef, who spent close to a decade working at the Modern before opening his restaurant, has made his reputation as one of the finest purveyors of dining opulence. White tablecloths and European formality are part of the game. In a 2015 three-star review, Eater critic Ryan Sutton wrote that it’s “a study in neo-classical indulgences: caviar, truffles and foie gras — lots of foie gras.” It also received three stars in the Times, and in 2018, it was upgraded from one to two Michelin stars. Kreuther also has a chocolate shop.

Incidentally, the hotel is across the street from his longtime former home at the Modern. And in a nod to Kreuther’s “humble roots as a farm boy,” where he grew up near a Baccarat factory, the chef is offering an Alsatian “peasant food,” according to a statement — though, of course, with more upscale ingredients. The petit pâté feuillété, a savory pastry, will come here with duck, guinea hen, foie gras, and veal.

Take a look at the full menu below. Grand Salon is now serving Kreuther’s menu all-day; the chef will split his time between Gabriel Kreuther and here.

Grand Salon dessert
Mixed berry vacherin, with vanilla ice cream, mixed berry sorbet, and vanilla meringue
Baccarat Hotel [Official]
Baccarat Hotel’s the Bar
The bar at the hotel
Baccarat Hotel [Official]

Grand Salon All Day Menu

Baccarat Hotel

28 West 53rd Street, Manhattan, NY 10019 (212) 790-8800 Visit Website