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Di Fara’s Pizza Is Now Available for Nationwide Delivery

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Plus the Bronx Night Market is as popular as Smorgasburg — and more intel

A pizza with basil on top sits on a counter, as a man’s hands tears more herbs. Nick Solares/Eater

Beloved Brooklyn pizzeria Di Fara now delivers nationwide

Wildly-popular pizza haunt Di Fara is making its pies available for delivery across the country, a partnership with food delivery company Goldbelly.

Customers usually wait several hours to sample the pizzas made by owner and chef Dom De Marco, who used to take part in every single step in the preparation process. For now, Di Fara will only sell two kinds of pizzas through Goldbelly — the classic Neapolitan pizza and the Sicilian square pizza. The former is available as a four-pack and the latter as a two-pack and both are retailing for $83. The famed pizzas will be available on Goldbelly starting 12 p.m. ET today.

Though part of the charm of Di Fara is to go to Midwood and wait in line, apparently over the years the pizzeria has received more than 20,000 requests for the pizzas to be shipped, according to Time Out New York. “There’s not a day that passes that someone doesn’t ask us on the phone or email to deliver. They’ll tell us, ‘I’ll pay all the money in the world,’” Margaret Mieles, Di Fara’s manager and one of De Marco’s children, tells Time Out.

Aside from the original Midwood location — which opened in 1965 — Di Fara also has a Williamsburg food hall outpost. Earlier this year, the pizzeria briefly shuttered over unpaid taxes, and has previously been closed by the NYC Health Department for cleanliness issues including live mice. But it’s popularity has never waned, and customers have come to Di Fara’s rescue time and again.

In other news

The Bronx Night Market, a Fordham-based outdoor market, is proving to be as popular as Smorgasburg, with 7,000 people visiting the market during weekends over the summer, the New York Times learned. The market recently concluded its second annual season, but several of the vendors are participating in a holiday pop-up at the New York Botanical Garden.

— Paper receipts from cash registers may become a thing of the past if the New York City Council has its way. The Council is set to introduce a package of bills that will require stores to either send email receipts or use recyclable paper. This could join recent NYC bans on foie gras and flavored e-cigarettes.

— Governor Andrew Cuomo officially approved the minimum wage increase to $15 for businesses with fewer than 10 employees. The change for small business is set to go into effect by the end of the year.

T magazine takes a look at a ceramicist who makes plates, bowls, and cups for Blue Hill at Stone Barns out of cow bones.

— The FDA’s warnings against CBD has not yet stopped growth in new businesses, as a new CBD store with edibles and skin creams just opened in Park Slope.

— Rachael Ray and Alton Brown reportedly had a nice time swapping recipes at a party at ABC Kitchen. Martha Stewart was also there.

— Beer bar chain Yard House will open a big new location in Times Square, the first time the company will be in NYC.

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