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Foie Gras Sales Reportedly Jump By Up to 30 Percent Following Ban

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Plus, there’s a Dolly Parton-inspired bar in Williamsburg — and more intel

Half a slice of foie gras and duck puff pastry sits on a plate next to a smattering of green vegetables.
The foie gras and duck puff pastry at Momofuku Ko’s bar
Louise Palmberg/Eater

Foie gras sales are reportedly up following ban

Since the city voted to ban foie gras, sales have gone up by 20 to 30 percent, according to restaurants, farmers, and meat distributors. Ariane Daguin of D’Artagnan, which supplies to the fatty liver to high-end restaurants, says her clients like Daniel, Le Coucou, and Momofuku restaurants, started ordering more — leading to a 30 percent increase in sales. The chef at Union Square French restaurant Tocqueville says that his sales have gone up by 25 percent. “Once people read about it, those who love foie gras or have it occasionally say, ‘Let’s go have some foie gras,’” Rotisserie Georgette’s owner tells the Post. “It’s almost a political statement to politicians — stay off of my dinner table.”

The ban doesn’t go into effect for three years, after which foie gras sales face a $2,000 fine. Once it does, advocates of foie gras say some 400 small New York farmers will lose their jobs; Hudson Valley Foie Gras and La Belle Farms are planning to challenge the ban in court.

Brooklyn’s now home to a Dolly Parton-inspired dive bar

A new Williamsburg dive bar is taking its cues from Dolly Parton, the country singer legend whose influence has been in the air more than ever lately because of hit podcast Dolly Parton’s America and Netflix show Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings. Dolly’s Swing & Dive riffs on Parton’s famed “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap” line with a space that Time Out New York is calling “more refined than your dingy-but-cool watering hole.” There are banquettes, a jukebox, an outdoor patio, and paintings of women from the 1930s to the 1970s, plus $9 cocktails.

Despite the name and purported inspiration, the bar is no Dollywood. The bulk of the overt Dolly references are in the bathroom, which is covered in her records. And the name also refers to the childhood nickname of artist Teresa Brown, who worked with owners Raffaello Vancouten and Devin Schuck to decorate the space at 101 Kent Ave., at North Eighth Street.

In other news

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— After 12 years, East Village French restaurant Tree Bistro is closing.

— And popular Alphabet City German restaurant and beer garden Zum Schneider is closing after 20 years because the landlord won’t renew the lease. The restaurant shuts down on February 1, and the final day overall will be February 29. The owner is attempting to relocate in Manhattan.

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Post columnist Steve Cuozzo is on his anti-“woke” beat again, this time praising Le Bernardin somm Aldo Sohm’s new book Wine Simple for not paying too much attention to natural wine.

— Obviously, same: