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Nearly 60-Year-Old Bronx Jewish Deli Loeser’s Is in Danger of Closing Forever

Plus, I Sodi opens for weekend lunch — and more intel

A window at a deli with signs for soup.
The window at Loeser’s

‘Landmark’ Bronx pastrami favorite Loeser’s Kosher Deli is in trouble

Nearly 60-year-old deli Loeser’s may not be long for the world. It closed on November 20 after the city found non-compliant plumbing that the Department of Building says poses a potential fire hazard. The city shut down the gas, and then the Department of Health closed it for not having hot water.

The Loeser family — which still runs the deli — is trying to get things up to code in order to reopen. But fixing it will likely cost some $100,000 and at least three months. Without people coming in to buy oversized pastrami sandwiches and knishes, though, the family isn’t sure they can afford to reopen.

“We had Thanksgiving dinner and everyone just sat and cried. We’re just hoping for a holiday miracle,” co-owner Linda Loeser Weiss tells the Daily News.

In other news

— Thank the lord, I Sodi may be marginally easier to get into after it starts serving weekend lunch this week.

— Bad weather could lead to a shortage in potatoes.

— Former Le Bernardin pastry chef Michael Laiskonis has a new collaboration at Mochidoki, making flavors such as miso, peanut butter and chocolate, and black honey-walnut. It’s $10 for a box of four, $60 for a box of 24.

Ramen Lab is currently hosting Saikai Ramen Bar, an LA restaurant that’s serving shoyu tonkotsu and mazemen here.

— In response to sexual harassment allegations in the wine industry, High Street on Hudson is hosting a special Women in Wine pizza pop-up night on December 9. Natural wine will get paired with pies from chef (and baker extraordinaire) Melissa Weller. Some of the proceeds benefit Women in Hospitality United, which aims to help women in the industry. Buy $55 tickets here.

— French imports — Champagne, cheese, and other non-food items like makeup — may get more expensive if proposed tariffs go into effect.

— A friendly reminder from a legend: