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SantaCon Reportedly Covered NYC in Vomit Again This Year

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Plus, more year-end lists roll in — and more intel

Annual SantaCon Bar Crawl Takes Place In New York City Gabby Jones/Getty Images

SantaCon is still terrible

SantaCon 2019 brought all sorts of drunken debauchery to the streets of New York City this past Saturday. One particularly awful reveler reportedly peed in the middle of a McDonald’s before passing out in front, while others packed into subway cars while being obnoxiously loud. Though Times Square was the official starting point, the East Village was SantaCon central, with lines snaking outside bars for hours on end with people dressed up as Santa, elves, and other Christmas themes. New Yorkers were seen resignedly dealing with the drunken celebrations around them.

SantaCon has been terrorizing NYC for more than a decade, billed as a charity event, but in actuality, it’s a day when thousands of drunken bros descend upon the city. It’s gotten so bad that several bars now ban anyone dressed up on that day.

In other news

— The New York City Council is urging the NYPD to ease up on e-bike delivery workers.

— Two East Village restaurants are reopen, the Smith after a fire last week and Joe’s Steam Rice Roll after a mysterious seven-week closure.

Spot Dessert Bar is on an ambitious mission to expand worldwide.

— Scaffolding has caused Times Square restaurant Havana Central to lose $63,000 a month.

— A new operating group has taken over day-to-day at exclusive restaurant Polo Club.

New York magazine critics the Robs highlight slices at Bread & Salt and F&F Pizzeria, pasta at HiHi Room and Portale, and burgers from Golden Diner and Nowon in their year-end review.

— The answer is always YES: