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David Chang Is Opening a KBBQ Hideaway Above Bar Wayo

There aren’t many details about the restaurant, which has rooms for karaoke

An outdoor bar with the Hudson River, a yacht, and the Statue of Liberty in the background
Bar Wayo
Gary He/Eater

David Chang is opening a restaurant at the Seaport that serves up Korean barbecue with a side of karaoke — and it could end up being very exclusive.

The Momofuku restaurant sits above Bar Wayō, the group’s cocktail bar on Pier 17, and has been showing itself off to friends and family only. The company is being particularly tight-lipped on the space and declined to say exactly what food would be served, though a spokesperson has confirmed there is indeed a restaurant up there, and that it will take reservations once friends and family is over.

Who those reservations will go to is another matter altogether — multiple sources say that the restaurant could possibly be totally private or very exclusive, a la Harlem institution Rao’s. Those who have seen the space detailed Korean barbecue grills and karaoke rooms with vinyl record players.

This could be a new style of restaurant for Chang, who until now has opened dozens of places worldwide that have all been well-publicized and democratic. Chang built his career on Momofuku Noodle Bar, which was an anti-establishment joint at the time with no chair backs and blaring music — a rebellion against traditional fine dining trappings.

Stay tuned for more.

Additional reporting by Eater NY contributing editor Beth Landman

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Bar Wayo

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