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Subway Riders Stage an Impressive Full Thanksgiving Dinner on the L Train

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Pass the gravy?

In a first Thanksgiving of a new kind, a group of NYC transit riders aboard the L train appear to have transported and consumed an entire Thanksgiving dinner while in motion yesterday.

But the feat may have been more divisive than dinner at the most politically fractious family table. Reactions on Twitter ran from affirmations of civic pride — only in New York! — to pointed questions about hygiene and decorum — god, only in New York!

According to one onlooker on Reddit who posted photos from the stunt, the dinner took place around 7 p.m. yesterday on the L from Union Square on a lightly populated train.

“It was definitely a bit of a stunt but these guys were really respectful of space,” the witness writes:

“They said it was an inclusive gesture to emphasize no one should go without food on Thanksgiving. They were loud but not rowdy or a nuisance. They even handed out plates to everyone in the car - I got one and the turkey was a solid 7/10 and collard 8.5/10. I’m glad I got to experience something like this. Makes a great story!”

According to the source, there were even MTA employees on the train, but none objected. That stands in stark contrast to the arrests of several subway food vendors in recent weeks: A new sense of generosity might suffuse the season. And technically, it’s legal to eat on the subway, though it’s forbidden to drink.

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