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What’s a Fancy Place to Take My Absolutely Non-Adventurous Parents for an Anniversary?

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A visiting reader wants something memorable — but not spicy, please

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The big, white-filled dining room at Kyma Kyma [Official Photo]

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Dear Eater,

I’m looking for a fancy place — not over $130 per person — to treat my parents on their 35th anniversary in January during an annual NYC vacation. My parents like cuisine that is not too adventurous; however, they are good sports for most tastes, though nothing too spicy. They’ve enjoyed past anniversary meals at Scarpetta (even met Scott Conant on a slow Tuesday night), Butter, the Lambs Club, and more. They are not pretentious and have enjoyed some tasty falafels and other food cart delicacies as much as their fine dining opportunities.

I just want them to have a memorable meal and celebration!

Not Too Adventurous

Dear NTA,

I hear you. Your parents want to eat at a place that’s at least partly familiar, but with some variations on the types of fine dining they’ve experienced. And while they like fast food Middle Eastern style, for an anniversary dinner they’ll want to sit down and relax for a protracted meal.

The ticket in this case is Greek. Heavy on the seafood, vegetables, and bread dips, there will be some familiar elements in common with Middle Eastern food. The cuisine tends to be on the lighter and healthier side, and I’m guessing this would not be a bad thing as far as your parents are concerned.

Kyma is a Greek restaurant that caused a stir when it opened in the Flatiron District last year. The string of dining rooms is whitewashed in a way that might remind you of Mykonos, with Greek artifacts in niches along on the walls and flattering lighting. Your parents can’t go wrong with a fish selected from the iced display at the side of the room, which will be grilled and strewn with capers and served with lemon potatoes. Fill out the meal with a salad of shaved brussels sprouts with a poached egg, and a plate of triangular spinach pies planted in thick herbed yogurt. There are intriguing desserts and a strong wine list, too, with plenty of Greek vintages to be explored.

Good luck!



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