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Five Top Korean Pastry Chefs Are Baking in NYC Today

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Plus, Jamie Foxx salsa dances with steakhouse waitstaff — and more intel

Sweet rice cakes in a box Dongbyung Sangryoun

Seoul-sponsored sweets

A free pastry pop-up at two-Michelin-starred Korean restaurant Jungsik (2 Harrison Street at Hudson Street) runs today from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., with dessert offerings from top Korean pastry chefs. Sweet Seoul, as the event is called, is sponsored by the city of Seoul, and it’s here in NYC after a stop in Paris.

Participating restaurants include Dongbyung Sangryoun, a Korean dessert café from Park Kyung-mi doing five-color half-moon rice cakes and green tea-flavored tea-cakes; Biwon, a historic rice cake shop serving a a popular option covered with roasted black adzuki bean paste; and Gangjeong House, credited with pioneering a type of candied rice puff desserts. The pop-up will also include handicrafts for sale, like vases, food trays, and ceramics made by artists from Seoul.

Jamie Foxx dances with waitstaff, leaves $2,000 tip at NYC steakhouse

Jamie Foxx apparently chased a charity performance for the Prostate Cancer Foundation with a party at the clubby Brooklyn Chop House. The business opened last year from the team behind clubstaurant classic Philippe Chow, serving steaks but also dumplings and more. According to a source to Page Six, “[Foxx] jumped up and began salsa dancing with a patron and the waitstaff.” As he took off at 5 a.m., he reportedly left a $2,000 tip — which, when considering he was there with an entourage of 30, sounds about right.

In other news

The NoMad Bar begins its Sunday “holiday spectacular” series this weekend, running through December 22, with festive cocktails like a milk punch served in a snow globe.

— Special delivery: A Peapod grocery truck from Stop & Shop smashed into a Staten Island home yesterday morning, flipping over and injuring the driver.

— A new chef known for “plant-based” cooking is taking over at the Empire State Building’s ground floor restaurant State Grill and Bar. But Morgan Jarrett, previously of Brooklyn Botanic Gardens’ Yellow Magnolia Cafe, will be serving lots of fish on her new menu, too.

— Another option:


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Brooklyn Chop House

150 Nassau Street, Manhattan, NY 10038 (212) 619-1200 Visit Website