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Self-Satisfied New Yorkers Swear They Hated Peter Luger All Along

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Opinionated diners are reacting to Pete Wells’s takedown of the iconic steakhouse

Beef Recall Continues In U.S. After Cow Found With Mad Cow Disease Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Reactions to NYT dining critic Pete Wells’ zero-star roast of landmark steakhouse Peter Luger are rolling in: Disbelief. Confusion. But also: Agreement. In fact, many New York dining fans — who have, until now, apparently swallowed their concerns about Luger — can finally speak their truth.

Problems at New York’s foremost steakhouse, Wells writes in his review, start with service: “The Department of Motor Vehicles is a block party compared with the line at Peter Luger.” But they also include uneven food — like a literally unevenly cooked burger — at steep prices.

Reactions to Wells’ zingers — he looks forward to the restaurant’s German potatoes the way he look forward “to finding a new, irregularly shaped mole” — were spicy themselves. While there was some defense of the restaurant, suddenly, lots of opinionated diners were eager to tell the world they, too, had noticed the emperor wasn’t fully clothed. Most responses fell into a few camps.

“Peter Luger is, in fact good”

“Never-Lugers,” who say they totally questioned it the whole time

Those just in it for the drama

And absurdists who aren’t afraid to say “okay, I’ll bite, what’s a Peter Luger?”

Peter Luger Steak House

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