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LES Bar Under Fire for Hosting Harvey Weinstein at Young Actors Event

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Plus, fire-loving mixologist Albert Trummer is opening a club — and more intel

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Harvey Weinstein In Court For Arraignment Over New Indictment For Sexual Assault Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Women thrown out of LES bar for confronting Harvey Weinstein

Yelp users are flooding Lower East Side’s Downtime Bar with one-star reviews after women were reportedly thrown out of the venue for confronting Harvey Weinstein. The bar recently hosted an event meant to support up-and-coming artists, and when Weinstein — who has been accused of rape and other sexual misconduct by dozens of women, specifically young female actors — was spotted in the room, three women confronted him. Two of them were eventually kicked out, according to reports.

Now, several dozen people are calling to boycott the bar, including a reviewer that uploaded a photo of Weinstein’s alleged victims. The backlash comes after a viral video shows comedian Kelly Bachman addressing the “elephant in the room” in her set, calling Weinstein “Freddy Krueger,” only to be booed and told to “shut up” by the crowd. Another video shows actor Zoe Stuckless pointing at Weinstein and yelling, “Nobody’s really going to say anything?” before being kicked out of the bar. Attendee Amber Rollo tweeted that she too was thrown out after calling him a “monster” and saying “he should disappear.”

Actors Hour, the organization behind the exclusive artists-only event, put out a statement on Instagram saying it did not invite Weinstein, though the post has since been taken down. Downtime Bar released its own statement saying that Actors Hour “rented our bar for a private event, with a guest list all their own.”

In a statement sent to the Post, Weinstein says, “We should all be offered the courtesy to voice opinions and be heard, and to even get answers.” His rep called the scene “downright rude” and an infringement on due process.

In other news

Hungry Critic columnist Mahira Rivers finds a “parade of mezze” and “fluffy pita” at Sakib in Williamsburg, which serves variations of street food from Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.

— Mixologist Albert Trummer, who’s known for lighting his own bar on fire, is opening a new club called La Bas on Grand Street in November.

Gem Spa has regained its tobacco license and is selling cigarettes again, a main source of revenue for the historic corner store.

Kyo Pang and Moonlynn Tsai of Kopitiam, Simone Tong of Little Tong, and Tracy Oblosky of Rockaway Beach Bakery will be making pizzas at High Street on Hudson alongside pastry chef Melissa Weller on October 29. It’s all in celebration of Charlotte Druckman’s new book Women on Food. Tickets here.

Momofuku is now selling seasoned salts.

— Chef Tyson Ho of Williamsburg’s Arrogant Swine will be cooking alongside the Stand chef Harold Villarosa at the new Union Square location of the comedy club and restaurant. The dinner series — which costs $85 per person with an optional $50 whiskey and cocktail pairing — kicks off on October 29.

— Cuba Gooding Jr., who is facing several sexual misconduct charges, was spotted partying at La Esquina in Soho. In other sightings, La La Anthony and Tristan “Mack” Wilds dined on arepas and wings at Las’ Lap on the Lower East Side. Plus, “SNL” star Pete Davidson was seen at Sadelle’s in Soho with rumored romantic interest Kaia Gerber.

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