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Adored UWS Outdoor Restaurant Boat Basin Cafe Has Permanently Closed

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A construction project pushed the 22-year-old restaurant out

Boat Basin Cafe Boat Basin Cafe [Official Photo]

One of New York City’s favorite waterfront restaurants Boat Basin Cafe has closed.

The Upper West Side institution opened in 1997, but its riverside view has remained a big draw for city dwellers over the past two decades. It was a dependable pick for blissful outdoor dining, built into a fancy-feeling, elevated stone structure with dramatic arches.

During warmer months, people flocked to its open-air location off of West 79th Street on the Hudson River for affordable bar food like fried appetizers and sandwiches. It was also a popular meeting spot for casual parties.

The cafe announced the closure on its Facebook page, which has since been taken down, Gothamist reports. It’s all due to a four-year construction project happening near the city-owned site. Once completed, the city will let restaurant operators bid on the property — which is now reportedly reserved for a fine dining venue. A former employee tells the blog that Boat Basin’s owners don’t plan on bidding.

It’s been a tough week for New Yorkers. Just two days ago, the public learned that beloved pretzel croissant shop City Bakery had closed after 30 years.

West 79th Street Boat Basin

W 79th st, New York, NY 10024 (212) 496-2105 Visit Website

Boat Basin Cafe

West 79th Street, Manhattan, NY 10024 (212) 496-5542 Visit Website