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UWS Institution Barney Greengrass Temporarily Shuttered for Mice and Roaches

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Plus, a contentious split at Le Coq Rico — and more intel

A man stands at the fish counter at Barney Greengrass Bess Adler/Eater

Barney Greengrass shut down by the Department of Health

New York City’s latest closure by the Department of Health is none other than Upper West Side icon Barney Greengrass. The Jewish appetizing shop and restaurant failed a DOH inspection on Thursday for violations such as evidence of live mice and roaches — close to 300 mouse droppings, according to the Times — inadequate personal cleanliness, and more.

The closure came one day after Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, the busiest time of year for the cured fish restaurant. Owner Gary Greengrass told neighborhood blog West Side Rag that the closure is “unfortunate” and “a little unfair.” But it’s not the first time Barney Greengrass has had health inspection issues — inspections in 2017 and earlier this year found similar issues. A re-inspection will likely happen this week.

In other news

— The split between chef Antoine Westermann and Le Coq Rio has grown contentious: The chicken restaurant’s owner is reportedly suing Westermann for allegedly spending millions of his money on vacations and another business.

— How NYC’s second oldest bar, Fanelli’s in Soho, endures.

— A new-ish coffee delivery service is growing in popularity.

— The restaurateur behind Manhattan restaurants Limon Jungle and Intermezzo had to pay $64,000 in fees and damages for refusing to let in a service dog.

— Actor Liam Hemsworth and his new beau were spotted this weekend at the Flower Shop and Alley Cat Amateur Theatre.

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Barney Greengrass

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