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David Chang Has a New Food Show Hitting Netflix This Month

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Plus, Tad’s Steaks in Times Square is closing — and more intel

David Chang
Chang in 2014
Lester Cohen/Getty Images for WIRED

A new food show with David Chang premieres on Netflix this month

The latest new food show to premiere comes from Momofuku leader David Chang. It’s called Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, and a new trailer reveals that it follows Chang to four cities across the world to eat — you guessed it — breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He explores each city with various personalities: Vancouver, Canada with actor Seth Rogen; Marrakesh, Morocco with talent Chrissy Teigen; Phnom Penh, Cambodia with comedian Kate McKinnon; and Los Angeles with actress Lena Waithe. The trailer is below, which reveals that the show hits Netflix on October 23.

Chang has been focusing a lot of his time lately on media projects, like his podcast and more upcoming television shows. Most of his new restaurants come with other chefs attached — like Eunjo Park at Kāwi and Sam Kang at Bar Wayō — and the company didn’t point to any significant involvement from the celebrity chef during those two openings.

In other news

— The last remaining location of budget steakhouse Tad’s Steaks in Times Square is closing on January 5. It was a go-to for locals in the area.

A look inside the Atlantic City pizza convention.

— In which Post critic Steve Cuozzo weighs in on Rao’s new grocery store soup line while wearing a fedora.

— Ice cream purveyor Ample Hills has issued a recall on all half pints of the Pepperment Pattie ice cream because they may not have peanuts listed on the label. The recalled product has a lot code of 19169.

Li-Lac Chocolates has moved its West Village outpost to 75 Greenwich Avenue and will sell its wares at 1923 prices for the grand reopening on Saturday, October 19.

— Ahoy!

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