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Acclaimed Her Name Is Han Team Plots New Korean Hot Pot Restaurant

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On will serve steaming communal bowls of seasonal ingredients and pan-Asian flavors

Pork ribs jeongol at Her Name Is Han
Pork ribs jeongol at Her Name Is Han
Photo via Instagram/Her Name Is Han

The team behind critically acclaimed Korean restaurant Her Name is Han is set to open a new restaurant a few blocks south of Koreatown at 110 Madison Ave., near East 29th Street. On (stylized “o:n°”) comes from Hand Hospitality and will offer pan-regional Asian food.

While details for the menu are still being finalized, On will specialize in modern, seasonal jeongol, a Korean style of communal hot pot. In the style, broth is poured over raw meats and vegetables in a shallow bowl and cooked at the table. Broth is also added to the stew throughout the meal.

The courses, though, are inspired by areas throughout Asia. Her Name Is Han also serves jeongol alongside small plates, bulgogi, and other Korean soul food dishes, but On will go all in on the hot pot format.

Though Chinese variations of hot pot are significantly more common, there are a few other existing restaurants in addition to Her Name Is Han that offer jeongol in Manhattan, including Cho Dang Gol, Five Sense, and Gopchang Story BBQ.

Hand Hospitality also runs the casual Koreatown restaurant Take 31 and Japanese restaurant and bar Izakaya Mew. On has not set an opening date yet, but it’s expected out at the end of January.