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Dale Talde’s Longtime Restaurant Group Has Officially Dissolved

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Three Kings Restaurant Group, created with David Massoni and John Bush, is out of NYC

Dale Talde, John Bush, and David Massoni
Dale Talde, John Bush, and David Massoni
Daniel Krieger

Turns out the closing of Talde is part of a bigger change for celebrity chef Dale Talde. The chef who rose to fame through Top Chef and his partners have dissolved their seven-year-old restaurant group Three Kings.

Besides the Talde closure, Three Kings has given up ownership of all their NYC restaurants, including Massoni, Rice & Gold, and the Crown. Talde and partners David Massoni and John Bush are still involved in Talde and Miss Wong’s in Jersey City, managed with “on the ground” partners.

The trio started Three Kings in January 2012 with the opening of pan-Asian tavern Talde in Park Slope. That successful opening and Talde’s rising star as a Top Chef personality kickstarted a wave of other restaurants from the trio, though it hasn’t been smooth sailing.

They have since opened and closed barbecue restaurant Pork Slope, gastropub Thistle Hill Tavern, and a Talde in Miami, as well as opened several restaurants in partnership with hotels and stadiums. Atlantic Social at Barclays Center, Massoni at Arlo Nomad, and Rice & Gold and the Crown at Hotel 50 Bowery are now being run by the hotels or other partners.

There were also a couple of lawsuits along the way, including one from former Atlantic Social partners for $3.5 million that has since gone to mediation, and one against Talde in Brooklyn alleging blind discrimination that was dismissed with prejudice.

Each is now pursuing projects on their own, with Talde starting new restaurant group Food Crush Hospitality with his wife Agnes. Massoni recently opened a restaurant in South Orange, New Jersey, and Bush is working on a bar to open later this year.


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