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Charming Pasta Destination Fiaschetteria Pistoia Brings Rustic Fare to West Village

The opening follows the sudden closing of the restaurant’s location in East Village

Fiaschetteria “Pistoia” Fiaschetteria “Pistoia”/Facebook

Devotees of the East Village Italian restaurant Fiaschetteria Pistoia, fear not. While the original location was forced to shutter after a fire on December 23, the charming Tuscan restaurant added a second location in West Village the same week.

Now open at 114 Christopher St., near Bedford Street, the new Fiaschetteria Pistoia also focuses on comforting Tuscan food and appears to serve a similar menu of antipasti, fresh pastas, and mains.

Starters include a Tuscan bread tomato soup and 24-month-aged prosciutto. Pastas range from $20 to $22 and include a pappardelle slow-cooked beef ragu, gnocchi with tomato sauce, and spaghetti with salted and cured mullet roe. Italian wines, with an emphasis on chianti, are on hand.

Emanuele Bugiani opened the original Fiaschetteria Pistoia in East Village in 2017 to positive reviews, including from Eater senior critic Robert Sietsema, who gave the restaurant three stars and wrote that the Tuscan bread tomato soup “tastes like a bowlful of summer sunshine.” Bugiani’s family also owns Fiaschetteria La Pace, a trattoria in Pistoia.

The new location joins a small collection — at least when compared to Roman restaurants —of Italian joints specifically centered on Tuscany, including Rita Sodi’s highly celebrated I Sodi and her restaurant with Jody Williams, Via Carota.

Eater NY has reached out for more information about the new Fiaschetteria Pistoia, as well as the status of the closed-for-now East Village location. The West Village outpost is open from 5:30 to midnight daily.

Fiaschetteria "Pistoia"

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