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Talde in Park Slope Has Closed

Chef Dale Talde’s pan-Asian restaurant is no longer serving pretzel dumplings in Brooklyn

Talde Brooklyn
Talde Brooklyn
Daniel Krieger/Eater

After nearly seven years, Talde in Park Slope has closed. The restaurant from frequent Top Chef competitor Dale Talde opened in January 2012, serving pan-Asian fare like oyster and bacon pad Thai and pork and chive dumplings with pretzel skins.

The debut followed Talde’s time on TV, which propelled him into food-world celebrity status and packed the restaurant. By 2015, Talde, who is Filipino-American, penned a cookbook called Asian-American highlighting such dishes that combined flavors from various Asian cuisines.

Over time, the buzz simmered down, but the restaurant remained a staple in the neighborhood. It received one star in the Times for food that was lively, though inconsistently so. Driven by the popularity, Talde along with partners John Bush and David Massoni of Three Kings Restaurant Group eventually opened another location in Jersey City, which remains open, and one in Miami, which closed in early 2018.

The original Brooklyn outpost shuttered on New Year’s, according to a staffer at Jersey City, and the location’s Twitter and Instagram channels are now dead. Eater has reached out to the owners for further comment.

Three Kings once dominated the dining scene in Park Slope, running popular restaurants like barbecue restaurant Pork Slope, gastropub Thistle Hill Tavern, and big Barclays Center restaurant Atlantic Social. But the former two shuttered in 2016, and Three Kings was sued by business partners for $3.5 million and now no longer run Atlantic Social, saying they were always just consulting partners.

Now, the company runs Rice & Gold in Chinatown’s Hotel 50 Bowery and the Jersey City Talde. Ownership of Midtown restaurant Massoni was recently transferred to the hotel where it’s housed, Arlo. Update: Three Kings is also no longer involved in Rice & Gold, which has been transferred to the hotel. The company has dissolved.

And though Talde is still running restaurants with the company, he is also venturing out to create his own group called Food Crush Hospitality, to be run with his wife Agnes. He did not immediately respond to multiple requests for further comment on the new venture.

Talde Brooklyn joins a long list of other restaurants that have shuttered over the new year. At least 18 other bars and restaurants closed their doors at the start of 2019.

Additional reporting by Stefanie Tuder


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