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All-Star Uncle Boons Team Will Open Another Nolita Restaurant This Spring

It will not serve Thai food

Matt Danzer and Ann Redding
Matt Danzer and Ann Redding have impressed with Uncle Boons and plan to open an American restaurant in Nolita soon as well.
Daniel Krieger

The acclaimed Uncle Boons team will open another restaurant in Nolita this spring, taking over the space once home to short-lived fast-casual restaurant the Sosta.

Chefs Ann Redding and Matt Danzer — the duo behind Thai standouts like Michelin-starred Uncle Boons and takeout spot Uncle Boons Sister — are plotting an entirely new concept that won’t focus on Thai food, Redding tells Eater. The duo is still hashing out details and hasn’t chosen a name yet, nor have they shared what type of food the restaurant will serve.

The restaurant space at 186 Mott St., between Broome and Kenmare Streets, previously sat 60 when it was home to the Sosta, which closed last November.

If it’s anything like Uncle Boons, it’s sure to impress: The husband-wife team, who met while at Per Se, opened the restaurant in 2013, and it quickly became a lively downtown destination known for its spicy and accessible version of Thai food, earning two stars from the Times and Eater, plus a Michelin star.

The chefs later opened an American, diner-inspired restaurant called Mr. Donahue’s in the same neighborhood in 2016 but flipped it into Uncle Boons Sister a year later. Uncle Boons remains one of the top places for Thai fare in NYC — which is why it spent a considerable amount of time on the Eater 38.

Stay tuned.