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A Third Man Dies From Brooklyn Chinese Restaurant Hammer Attack

The suspect was reportedly inspired to attack after seeing a movie featuring mistreatment of Chinese women

Seaport Buffet Seaport Buffet/Zomato

All three restaurant employees who were brutally attacked with a hammer last week have died. The Post reports that the third victim of the incident at Seaport Buffet in Sheepshead Bay died on Thursday morning of his injuries. Chef Fufai Pun died last Tuesday, while manager Kheon Ng-Thang died last week. Another manager, Tsz Mat Pun, died today.

It was a seemingly random attack by a man who police have identified as Arthur Martunovich, a Brooklyn local who had no previous arrests. He allegedly entered the Chinese seafood restaurant on Tuesday, January 15 around 5 p.m. and hit the three employees with a hammer, while diners were in the space. Martunovich has been charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon, though more charges will likely be added.

Sources tell the Post that Martunovich told police that he attacked the restaurant after seeing a movie featuring Chinese mistreatment of women — claiming “he was acting out of chivalry by defending Chinese women.” He allegedly avoided non-Asian staffers at the restaurant, saying “I am not here for you.”

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page is raising money for funeral and medical expenses for the deceased victims, with a goal of raising $150,000, and people in the community are reportedly trying to get their families from China to New York for funerals.