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Health Inspection Closes Decades-Old Japanese Restaurant Dojo

Plus, two new bars coming to Washington Heights — and more intel

Photo via Instagram/Dojo

A potential closing in the East Village

Long-running casual Japanese restaurant Dojo — which had an original location that opened in the East Village in 1974 and moved to the West Village in 1991 — has been closed for two weeks following a failed Department of Health inspection. It’s not clear if the closure is permanent; Eater has reached out for more information.

Two new bars heading to Washington Heights, plus a pop-up bar

Across the street from the new gay sports bar Boxers that recently opened in Washington Heights, signs are up for another new bar in the neighborhood called Hilltop Park Alehouse, located at 3821 Broadway. Nearby, the owners of Uptown Bourbon in Hamilton Heights are opening a bar called Penny Jo’s at 3898 Broadway.

Montauk-based publication and lifestyle brand Whalebone Magazine opened a pop-up bar called The Boneyard in collaboration with Seagram’s 7 at 25 Avenue B. It’s paradoxically meant to be an ode to dive bars, a premise that doesn’t really seem to understand the lasting appeal or definition of a dive bar. It will stay open through October 6, and there will be special events throughout its run, including karaoke tomorrow night.

Tribeca Greek restaurant pivots

Greca, the Greek restaurant located at 452 Washington St. in Tribeca, has become ANA by Greca, with a new menu and live music. The restaurant has been closed this week to prepare for the changes, but it reopens on Friday with its more nightlife-centered new concept.

Annual food conference returns

Bitten, an annual conference that brings together people from the food industry to talk about food’s impact on and role in culture, will host a series of talks on November 1. Speakers include Nasim Alikhani, the chef and owner of Prospect Heights’ new Persian restaurant Sofreh. Writer Laurie Woolever will speak on Anthony Bourdain, who was her mentor and boss, and chef and writer Tunde Wey will discuss his projects from Lagos. Sliding scale tickets start at $175 and can be purchased here.