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Literary World Darling Cafe Loup Is Back

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The West Village French bistro reopens on Wednesday

Cafe Loup
Cafe Loup
Photo via Cafe Loup

After just a week of being closed, the NYC literary scene’s favorite restaurant will make a triumphant return. Cafe Loup, seized by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance last week, will reopen tomorrow, according to the restaurant’s Twitter and Instagram.

In the days since the seizure of the more than 40-year-old restaurant, eulogies have poured out — in the New Yorker but also across social media, with loyal Loup patrons mourning its potential demise with specific stories about what the bistro meant to them.

Now, it looks like all that worrying was for naught. Cafe Loup, open since 1977, will live to see another day, presumably after settling its tax balance of $188,394.40. Eater has reached out to the state and the restaurant for more information.

At Cafe Loup, it wasn’t the food people would miss but the heavy pours, dishy but welcoming atmosphere, and familiar faces both dining and working. In particular, it has long been known as a place for writers and people in the publishing industry, counting Susan Sontag and the late Christopher Hitchens among its fans. Regulars also include people like actor Patricia Clarkson, who reportedly lives nearby and is one of those familiar faces often seen in the restaurant.

According to the restaurant’s announcement, which is accompanied by a graphic of a wolf and a quote from The Jungle Book, Cafe Loup will reopen at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday for regular dinner service and is currently accepting reservations once more.

Café Loup

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