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Frosé Officially Declared Dead by Restaurants Seeing 30 Percent Decline in Sales

Plus, Essex Street Market’s move is delayed until 2019 — and more intel

Black Tap’s monster frosé Black Tap

Did you hear? Frosé is over.

The Wall Street Journal has declared that frosé is on the decline, writing that a “number of prominent drinking spots throughout the city say that their frosé sales declined dramatically this summer over last.” Bar Primi in the East Village has sold 30 percent less this summer than last. The article passes the “it drink” mantle to the spritz — which Eater called last summer.

A spin through NYC’s Rosé Mansion

It’s actually a little surprising that it’s taken a whole two months for a review of Instagram thirst trap Rosé Mansion to come out. Munchies has taken on the task, offering a smart look into the big business of experiential “museums” that have captured the social media crowd. Rosé Mansion owner Morgan First admits it herself: “I’d been trying to convince my business partner to do something like this for years. In January and February, I put together a financial model of three of the other different experiences and was like, ‘No, look at how much money they do.’” Writer Diana Hubbell reluctantly liked the experience in the end, as did the “gaggle of women” she met throughout.

Historic Essex Street Market delays its move

Essex Street Market will stay in its original home for longer than planned, after initially announcing that it would relocate across the street this October to fancy new digs inside Essex Crossing. Construction has delayed the move of the 78-year-old, city-run Lower East Side food market, and the city’s Economic Development Corp. now says the move will happen in early 2019 after the holidays.

Brooklyn’s El Atoradero at Parklife starts brunch

Starting Saturday, September 29, sprawling Gowanus venue Parklife will begin serving brunch at its restaurant El Atoradero. Every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 3 p.m., renowned chef Denisse Lina Chavez’s children Johnny and Anabel will serve her family Mexican recipes such as chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and quesadillas. The full menu is below.

Essex Street Market

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