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Old-School Little Italy Restaurant Has Become the Hot New Fashion Crowd Spot

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Plus, a new Malaysian cafe opened on the Lower East Side — and more intel

A dim dining room with chandeliers, white tablecloths, and lots of framed art on the walls. Forlini’s/Facebook

The fashion crowd is flocking to Forlini’s

After 62 years as a classic red sauce joint in Little Italy, Forlini’s has become the hottest spot for the fashion set. A fun write-up in the Times spotlights how a Vogue pre-Met Gala party last spring set off the fashion elite to rush the restaurant, hosting parties and dinners there. Co-owner Derek Forlini seems unphased by the new clientele: “They’re all nice kids. Good kids. They’ve never caused trouble. Some are so thin though you wonder how they can even drink liquor,” he said.

A new Malaysian cafe and three upcoming openings

Adding to hot new Malaysian cafe Kopitiam on the Lower East Side is new Malaysian cafe the Perfect Taste, which moved into 51B Canal St. — where Kopitiam used to be open before moving to 151 East Broadway. Italian restaurant Sauce will open a pizzeria this Saturday, September 22 at 345 East 12th St. with thin-crust, bar-style pies. Health-focused all-day cafe Natura Cafe will open this month in the Dream hotel from the owners of Tao, serving dishes such as a strawberry salad. Upscale uptown Chinese restaurant Philippe will also open in the hotel at 355 West 16th St. this month.

The Four Seasons is still the power restaurant of the rich

As a part of its 2008 recession series, the Times takes a look at the ultimate power restaurant: the Four Seasons. Disgraced co-owner Julian Niccolini names names in the story, saying who drank what and what they spent — and says it’s all continuing in the new iteration of the restaurant, open since August. Finance guys are still fighting for the best table, and Niccolini has a strong hypothesis as to why: “You know what that means? They are saying: ‘I have more money than you. I have more power than you. I am in charge,’” he said. “It hasn’t changed. In fact, it’s getting much worse.”

Chef sues Midtown restaurant for allegedly firing him for being sick

Chef Massimo Carbone is suing Midtown restaurant Friars Club for allegedly firing him for being out sick. Carbone says he was hospitalized for sepsis and a digestive condition, racking up $400,000 in bills. In that time, Friars Club fired him and he is now suing for damages. Friar Club tells the Post that Carbone was not fired for being sick, and that Carbone told the restaurant he had his own medical coverage.