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One of California’s Most Esteemed Butchers Plots Hudson Yards Restaurant

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Belcampo Meat Co. will be on the fourth floor of the main dining building

Belcampo Meat Co.
Belcampo Meat Co. burgers
Celia Catalino

A slew of new announcements about the dining options at forthcoming new neighborhood Hudson Yards include the arrival of an esteemed California butcher shop and restaurant, a Citarella grocery and wine bar, and new details on what to expect from Michael Lomonaco.

When Hudson Yards opens to the public on March 14, 2019, these new concepts will debut alongside big names such as Thomas Keller, David Chang, Jose Andres, Shake Shack, and Estiatorio Milos. Here’s what’s new in the massive development:

Belcampo Meat Co.

The biggest news out of today’s announcements is the arrival of Belcampo Meat Co. Known for its burgers and steaks, this ethical butchery and restaurant was born and bred in the land of organic and sustainable sourcing — the Bay Area. There, it’s known as a high-quality stop for raw meats to bring home or a quick meal of burgers and grilled meats. While the exact configuration of this store is still up in the air, the format is similar to the now-closed UWS butcher/restaurant White Gold.

Co-founder and CEO Anya Fernald, who opened the restaurant in 2012, is bringing that organic ethos here, shipping entire animals from its farm in Shasta Valley, California to use in those burgers, protein-topped vegetable bowls, bone broth, packaged sausages, and takeaway meals. It’s the first location of the popular restaurant outside of California, located on the fourth floor of the dining and shops building. A draft menu is below.


Started on the Upper West Side, upper end grocer Citarella will have not only a market on the second floor of the dining and shops building but also an expanded prepared foods section with seating. A Citarella wine and liquor store will sit next door. The 10,500 square-foot-space will be the brand’s eighth and include seafood, meat, pastries, a raw bar, grilled whole fish, and steamed lobsters.

Michael Lomonaco

Michael Lomonaco, known for his acclaimed steak house Porter House in Time Warner Center, will instead focus on rotisserie at Hudson Yards at Hudson Yards Grill. Chicken, lamb legs, pork shoulder, and prime rib will all go on the spit, on a menu alongside pots of mussels, some steaks, and fried chicken. It’s a decidedly more casual restaurant with 265 seats in booths and a big bar, as well as an open kitchen on the fourth floor of the Shops. Alongside he’ll open a bakery with breads, biscuits, and Parker House rolls.