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Prolific Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Restaurateur Returns with Taqueria

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Harris Salat and Rick Horiike are serving tacos

Taqueria Photo by Patrick Warren  via Taqueria

Harris Salat — the restaurateur behind the shuttered Ganso restaurants — makes his return to Downtown Brooklyn Monday with the opening of Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant that pulls from Salat and chef Rick Horiike’s visits to Mexico City.

The restaurant is located at 25 Bond St. at Livingston Street in the former Ganso Ramen space, and tacos make up the centerpiece of the menu. Options include an al pastor, pollo asado, and two vegetarian options, including one with charred poblano peppers and one with cremini mushrooms. Prices start at $9 for two. It’s rounded out by options like guacamole, nachos, and dinner-only plates, like a beef brisket or stuffed poblano peppers.

It’s a new direction for Salat, who’s known for opening neighborhood favorites primarily offering different kinds of Japanese cuisine. Horriike, an alum of Morimoto and Nobu, has been the chef partnering up with Salat at Ganso restaurants, and he helped create the menu for Taqueria, as well.

The owners aren’t pulling from personal history here — neither one is of Mexican heritage — but instead are drawing from visits to Mexico City, where they admired the taco stands and stalls. A photo of El Vilsito, an auto body shop that turns into a taco stand at night, hangs in the space. Taqueria intends to “cook faithful versions of these classic tacos,” according to a statement from the restaurateurs.

Taqueria is now open for dinner, with lunch and brunch to come.


25 Bond St., Brook, NY 11201