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Former Ganso Restaurants Owner Set to Return to Downtown Brooklyn

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Harris Salat has two new restaurants in the works

The former Ganso Ramen space, where Salat will open Taqueria
The former Ganso Ramen space, where Salat will open Taqueria
Photo via Ganso Ramen

Restaurateur Harris Salat is poised to make a big return to the Brooklyn dining scene this fall, opening a taqueria simply called Taqueria as well as a fast-casual sushi shop called Bigeye Sushi in Downtown Brooklyn.

Salat closed his neighborhood ramen shop Ganso Ramen in May but maintained ownership of the space at 25 Bond St. at Livingston Street, where he will open Taqueria in early September. The taco and mezcal restaurant will have a menu of Mexico City-style tacos with house-made tortillas. There will be a Mexican craft beer, small-batch mezcal and tequila, and house-made aguas frescas.

Also in the neighborhood, Bigeye Sushi at 2 Metrotech Center, between Lawrence and Bridge streets will serve rolls, bowls, and salads in a fast-casual setting. Chef Rick Horiike is partnering up with Salat for both projects. The Morimoto and Nobu alum served as the chef of Salat’s Ganso Yaki for a brief amount of time before the restaurant shuttered along with Sushi Ganso in 2016. Horiike and Salat now run a restaurant group called Tabemono Group.

Though they all closed between 2016 and 2018, the Ganso restaurants were popular but relaxed neighborhood spots. Ganso Ramen was one of the only ramen shops in Downtown Brooklyn before it closed and had a reputation as a casual, affordable dining option in the neighborhood. Bigeye Sushi will similarly be an affordable, casual approach to sushi.