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Ken Friedman’s White Gold Butchers Has Closed

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A sign says the space will reopen as a new restaurant

White Gold
White Gold Butchers
Photo by Daniel Krieger

White Gold Butchers — the Upper West Side gem originally opened by both Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield — has closed.

The restaurant and butcher shop combo, located at 375 Amsterdam Ave. at 78th Street, ended service on Sunday, but a sign posted on the window notes that a restaurant with an “approach to healthy and sustainable eating” will take over the space eventually, according to a photo from an Eater tipster.

It’s the latest development in the space following allegations of misconduct against Friedman late last year, including accusations of groping and unwanted kissing. In June, Bloomfield and Friedman split their empire and ended their longtime partnership; Friedman kept White Gold in the process.

The restaurant-butcher shop opened in October 2016 with a casual, counter-service menu during the day and a full-service operation in the evening. It’s been largely well-received, gaining two stars in the Times, but considering Bloomfield’s recent departure from the restaurant, it’s not a huge shock that Friedman’s flipping the space.

When White Gold opened, it was strongly positioned as a longtime goal of Bloomfield’s; she described it as a way to control the farm-to-table process for White Gold as well as restaurants in their empire like the Spotted Pig and the Breslin. She also recruited acclaimed nose-to-tail butchers Erika Nakamura and Jocelyn Guest to be partners here, but a few months after the misconduct allegations, they left.

Eater has reached out to Friedman for more information about what will happen in the space. Stay tuned for more.

White Gold Butchers

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