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New West Village Italian Restaurant Tops Everything With 10 Grams of Truffle

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Oak Tuscan Truffle Lounge goes all in on the luxury ingredient

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Oak Tuscan Truffle Lounge
Oak Tuscan Truffle Lounge
Photo via Oak Tuscan Truffle Lounge

A new Italian restaurant in West Village is putting truffle on everything. At Oak Tuscan Truffle Lounge now open at 28 Greenwich Ave., between Charles and West 10th streets — all dishes are topped with a decadent 10 grams of shaved truffle.

“Everybody does pizza with truffle, gnocchi with truffle, pasta with truffle, but I use truffle from A to Z,” says owner Rudy Accornero. That means appetizers, mains, and even desserts full of the famously luxurious and expensive ingredient, which Accornero sources from Italy.

Ice cream comes doused in truffle honey. The kale salad is dressed in a lemon and orange truffle dressing, and the cacio e pepe is made with truffle cheese and a truffle sauce. There are truffle mashed potatoes, a burrata antipasti with truffle balsamic and white truffle honey. Only the lemon sorbet comes truffle-free. Prices for pastas and mains range from $29 to $55.

The truffles available will change seasonally, according to Accornero, who says he’ll be getting white truffle in September. For now, the truffles topping every single part of the menu are black summer truffles he gets from Tuscany.

Accornero previously owned the Italian restaurant Epoca in Fort Greene, which was open from 2007 to 2009. Oak Tuscan Truffle Lounge has a gothic look, with black brick walls, black flooring, and black tables. An ornate crystal chandelier adds some light to the dark space, which seats just 14. In November, Accornero hopes to introduce a retail component, selling his own line of truffle honey, salt, butter, sauce, and oil.

Oak Dinner Menu by Eater NY on Scribd

Oak Tuscan Truffle Lounge

28 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011