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Anthony Bourdain’s New LES Episode Will Premiere at the Food Film Festival

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Plus, there’s a new rum bar in Williamsburg — and more intel

Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain
Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain’s new LES Parts Unknown episode gets a premiere date

The late Anthony Bourdain’s groundbreaking food docuseries Parts Unknown will air some new episodes, including one focused on the Lower East Side and East Village, and it’s just gotten a premiere date. The 12th annual Food Film Festival will open with the episode on October 24; tickets are available here.

A new rum bar, and two coming attractions, and a closing

A rum bar with 125 spirits has opened in Williamsburg, named Kill Devil House of Dark Spirits and from bartenders with experience at LES hit Bar Moga. Over in the East Village, Chinese restaurant has applied to take over 50 Third Ave., while Chinese bubble tea chain Mi Tea is headed to 19-23 St. Mark’s Pl. But wine bar 1 Pike Cafe and Bar at 1 Pike St. has closed.

A burger pop-up at Narcbar

Currently at Narcbar is a burger pop-up from Adam Rawson, the new chef at the upcoming restaurant in the Standard hotel in London. Through August 20, burgers such as one with aged beef, bacon, blue cheese, jalapeno, and garlic mayo are available. He’s been training here under the Standard’s creative director of food and culture Angela Dimayuga, aka the former head chef at Mission Chinese. Dimayuga is continually growing her name — and face — recognition, with a billboard currently overlooking Times Square:

Angela Dimayuga
Angela Dimayuga
Adam Moussa

Die-hard organic eater targets Bareburger

A man seriously committed to eating organic food after a surgery that left him prone to infection has outed chain restaurant Bareburger as not being as organic as it used to claim. After discovering the meat was only 75 percent organic, he went through the Astoria location’s trash to find mayo and tomatoes that were also not certified organic. But in response, Bargeburger did not move away from marketing itself as organic — instead adding other descriptors, too, such as “local” and “sustainable.”


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