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The Queens Episode of ‘No Passport Required’ Airs Tonight on PBS

Host Marcus Samuelsson Visits Richmond Hill’s Indo-Guyanese community

Singh’s Roti Shop Alex Staniloff

The fourth episode of No Passport Required, produced by Eater for PBS, airs tonight at 9/8c. In “Queens, NYC” host Marcus Samuelsson heads to the New York borough to learn more about the Indo-Guyanese community’s culture, history, and food.

In Queens’s Richmond Hill neighborhood, Samuelsson visits roti shops and bakeries like Singh’s Roti Shop to make and eat classic Guyanese treats like pine tarts, pepperpot, doubles, and plait bread. He visits the temple canteen inside a neighborhood mandir, makes Caribbean-style roti at home with a Guyanese family, and plays in a cricket match, followed by a meal of bake and saltfish, coconut pastries called salara, and more. Here’s how to watch the episode.

How to Watch No Passport Required, Episode Four: “Queens, NYC”

When: The show airs on PBS on Tuesdays at 9/8c. Episode four, “Queens, NYC” airs tonight, Tuesday, July 31. Check local listings here.

Online streaming: Stream full episodes each week on PBS and Eater.

Additional episodes: Each hour-long episode focuses on a different immigrant community in a new city: Middle Eastern in Detroit and Dearborn; Vietnamese in New Orleans; Mexican in Chicago; Indo-Guyanese in Queens, New York; Haitian in Miami; and Ethiopian in D.C.

Online and on social: Tag @eater, @pbs, and #nopassrequiredpbs if you share clips, pictures, or quotes from the show. Visit Eater’s pop-culture Facebook group every Tuesday night to discuss the show with other fans, come back to Eater NY tomorrow to see a map of restaurants featured in the episode, and head to PBS to learn more about the show, find character bios, and get recipes to cook at home.

No Passport Required is produced for PBS by Eater and Vox Entertainment, part of Vox Media. Tune in or stream full episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c on PBS. (Check local listings.) Get more information on the show at