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Ludicrous Sushi Restaurant With Dancing Servers Allegedly Overcharged Diners $20K

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Sushi Roxx has closed, reportedly due to financial problems

Sushi Roxx
Sushi Roxx
Photo via Sushi Roxx

Sushi Roxx — one of New York’s most ridiculous theatrical restaurants, complete with “sexy choreography” from a former Pussycat Doll — has closed with just as much drama as it had when it opened.

Page Six reports that owner Jason Apfelbaum owes tons of people money, including staffers and customers. The Midtown clubstaurant was allegedly double charging customer credit cards, adding up to at least $20,000 in “mystery charges,” according to credit card processing company Merchant Industry. Plus, staffers say they still haven’t been paid two weeks worth of wages.

The restaurant opened at 120 East 39th St., between Lexington and Park avenues, in July 2015, a longtime dream for Apfelbaum. He reportedly wanted to create a restaurant that would make diners feel like they were in a music video. The servers doubled as dancers, with routines originally choreographed by former Knicks dancer and Pussycat Doll Asia Nitollano, and the space had both a ubiquitous pink glow and tons of over-the-top Japanese-influenced decor, like a ninja, sumo wrestlers, and Godzilla.

But finances apparently weren’t going well this year: The credit card process company told Page Six that the extra charges started in May, funds that the company is now liable for, and staffers said that checks were bouncing and that they can no longer reach Apfelbaum.

Apfelbaum’s attorney would not comment on the credit charges, but told Page Six that the “payroll is in the process of being handled.”

Eater has reached out to the restaurant for additional comment.

Sushi Roxx

120 East 39th Street, New York, NY 212.726.9500