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Hit Win Son Team Is Opening a Taiwanese Cafe in Williamsburg

Win Star will have counter-service breakfast and dinner

Trigg Brown and Josh Ku, Win Son’s founders
Trigg Brown and Josh Ku, Win Son’s founders
Photo by Gary He

Essential Taiwanese Brooklyn restaurant Win Son is expanding its footprint: Owners Trigg Brown and Josh Ku, along with former Win Son GM Jesse Shapell, are opening a new restaurant next year called Win Star, a casual Taiwanese cafe also in Williamsburg.

Located at 164 Graham Ave. at Montrose Avenue, Win Star will focus on counter-service breakfast, dinner, and packaged take-out meals. Soy milk made in-house is a major part of the breakfast service, with salty and sweet options alongside coffee and espresso. As for morning food, dan bing, or a rolled pancake-omelette hybrid, and sandwiches like a bacon, egg, and cheese will be available.

Later in the day, dinner time will bring a full bar and savory dishes such as fried jojos with shrimp spice, bamboo salad, and cold marinated vegetables. A takeout, six-piece dark meat fried chicken bucket will center the dinner menu, and packaged milk bun sandwiches will also be available on the go.

Since its opening in 2016, Win Son has become a destination restaurant for its “thrilling” Taiwanese fare, often with two-hour waits. But Brown and Ku see Win Star serving as more of a neighborhood place for locals — which is why it’s not open for lunch, saying that the area isn’t very crowded then.

“We don’t imagine people will be driving from Connecticut to eat breakfast, so our neighborhood is our primary target market,” Brown says. “It’s going to be really fun food people who might not be looking to wait an hour or two in line at Win Son can eat on their way home form work or come in with friends and share.”

The space is just a block away from Win Son, taking over 1,350 square feet for about 35 to 40 seats. The projected opening is February. Stay tuned for more.

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