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Frenchette and Cote Land on Eater’s Best New Restaurants in America List

Roving critic Bill Addison picked 18 restaurant total nationwide

Strawberry pavlova
Frenchette’s strawberry pavlova
Photo by Louise Palmberg

The accolades for Frenchette and Cote just keep rolling in. Eater’s roving critic Bill Addison — who travels the country to try all that’s good in food — has released his 2018 list of best new restaurants in America, and both restaurants made the cut.

Frenchette is the constantly-packed Tribeca hotspot from Keith McNally veterans Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson, which has already gotten three stars from the Times and two from Eater New York’s Ryan Sutton. The fresh take on French bistro fare “meanders in and out of the French lexicon,” Addison writes, but the real win is in the service and joy of being in the restaurant at all:

While power summits transpire in the dim rear dining room, where prime-time reservations are all but impossible to secure, most of us gather in the sunny, swank front bar hoping for an unreserved seat. Hosts and servers make everyone feel genuinely welcome; they’re happy to grab would-be diners a cocktail or glass of rosé (from Jorge Riera’s impeccable list of natural wines) to ease the wait. The acts of small kindness at Frenchette feel disarmingly radical. Shouldn’t customers always be treated this graciously?

The joy in Cote, meanwhile, is in the way owner Simon Kim and chef David Shim have evolved the genre of the steakhouse, Addison writes. The restaurant, which has a Michelin star and has received resoundingly positive reviews, is an ideal setting to try various cuts of beef, whether via the $48 butcher’s feast or the $125 omakase.

Take a look at the full list of 18 best new restaurants nationwide here.


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