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Xi’an Famous Foods Now Serves Fiery Lamb Noodles in West Village

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Plus, The Continental receives a lease extension — and more intel

Xi’an Famous Foods’ spicy cumin lamb noodles sit on a white plate as a person pulls them up.
Xi’an Famous Foods’ spicy cumin lamb noodles
Photo by Nick Solares

Openings and closings

Local favorite noodle chain Xi’an Famous Foods has made its way to the West Village. The cumin lamb-slinging restaurant now has a location right off the West 4th subway stop, at 313 6th Avenue. Thankfully, it’s got robust seating compared to other outposts. Over in East Village, a Japanese curry spot called Suki opened at 86 East Seventh St. Also in the neighborhood, Kambi Ramen shuttered after a decade at 351 East 14th St. Taiwanese fried food joint Cheers Cut officially closed its location at at 36 St. Mark’s Place, and the space is for rent. Over in the West Village, a new location of fast-casual wraps spot Wolfnights opened at 235 Bleecker St.

The Continental will stick around a little longer

The six-shots-of-anything for $12 deal at East Village dive bar The Continental will literally live to see another few months. Originally supposed to shutter this past weekend, the bar’s lease was extended for three months, so the new closing date will be in early October. The building is still set to be eventually demolished to make way for a new office-retail development. Nearby businesses like Papaya King and Korilla BBQ have already shuttered.

A one-day food festival celebrating Asian American heritage

On July 14th, a food market will anchor a daylong event focused on Asian American heritage — inspired by the open air bazaars more common in Asia. Happy Family Night Market will be at 99 Scott Ave. in East Williamsburg and features food from vendors like Bunker, Kreung Cambodia, and While in Kathmandu. But besides food, movies and panels will take place all day on topics like gender and tradition, authenticity, and fermentation. It ends with a dance party. Tickets for the day and night event cost $19.50.

Union Square Cafe to celebrate noodles with new dinner series

Reservations are now open for Union Square Cafe’s “Noodle Night” series. Starting July 17, every other Tuesday, a gust chef will collaborate with chef Carmen Quagliata to make four different kinds of noodles — two from each chef — available à la carte. The first night in the series will feature Bombay Bread Bar’s Floyd Cardoz.

Union Square Cafe

101 East 19th Street, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 243-4020 Visit Website

Xi'an Famous Foods

81 Saint Marks Place, Manhattan, NY 10003 Visit Website

The Continental

2801 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 292-1200