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Legacy Records Flips Open a Slightly More Casual Upstairs Lounge Tomorrow

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Ada’s Place is about to open nightly

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The upstairs bar at Legacy Records
The upstairs bar at Legacy Records
Photo by Gary He

Legacy Records, the divisive Midtown hot spot from the owners of Charlie Bird, opens its upstairs bar to the public on Friday. Called Ada’s Place, its calling cards are a deep roster of spirits and a more casual menu of dishes like a burger and fried chicken.

While the menu downstairs leans toward seafood and pastas, chef Ryan Hardy created a slightly more casual offering here. A burger with black truffle, mozzarella, and rosemary on a milk bun; fried chicken with lemon, hot pepper, rosemary, and fennel pollen; and cheese puffs are some of the dishes alongside razor clams and uni that make appearances in the main dining room, too. The full menu is below.

As for that stacked spirit list, there are more than 250 available by the glass, including pre-Prohibition bourbon, Japanese whisky, and vintage chartreuse. Accompanying cocktails, created by PDT’s Jeff Bell, include options like the Ramona paloma, with mezcal, trendy Ramona wine cooler, lime, red bell pepper, and chile salt.

Glowing gold and emerald green, the upstairs area is split into three sections. There’s the a long bar at the top of the stairs where a controversial mural takes center stage, plus two separate lounge rooms full of marble and mahogany. Luxe designer Ken Fulk is behind the decor here.

Since its March debut, critical opinions have been fairly negative, with New York mag’s Adam Platt calling it “unremarkable,” and the Post’s Steve Cuozzo categorizing it as “mediocre and “sexless.” Plus, that aforementioned mural was a part of Times critic Pete Wells’ review, where he accused the restaurant of “gratuitous and offhanded” use of black culture. Nonetheless, the restaurant has drawn crowds nightly.

Ada’s Place is open daily from 5 p.m. to midnight at 517 West 38th St., between 10th and 11th avenues.

The upstairs lounge at Legacy Records Photo by Gary He
The upstairs lounge at Legacy Records Photo by Gary He

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