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Gamechanging London Steakhouse Hawksmoor Slotted for New Gramercy Location

It’s in a historic building

Three cooked T-bone steaks, one sliced.
Hawksmoor steak
Photo via Hawksmoor

Big deal London steakhouse chain Hawksmoor has nailed down a new location for its first NYC outpost — the historic United Charities Building in Gramercy.

The 12-year-old restaurant company will fill a space in the landmarked property, located at the corner of East 22nd and Park Avenue South, with 180 seats and a 50-seat bar. It’s expected to open next year and will serve the restaurant’s menu of thick-cut steaks, bar snacks, and seafood. Hawksmoor was previously slated to go into the Three World Trade, but that deal is no longer happening.

Partners Will Beckett and Huw Gott opened the first Hawksmoor in London in 2006, and they’re credited with changing the way that London ate premium steak. The decidedly-modern restaurant went for locally-sourced beef and a sustainability ethos, and other options on the menu like a dry-aged burger, triple-cooked french fries, and cocktails have been lauded as well.

Though it’s become a bonafide chain with nine locations across the U.K., it’s remained a critical favorite — known for those dry-aged steaks, “no-nonsense cocktails,” and even a “stonkingly good tranche of fish.” One good thing to note for New Yorkers: The replication of quality seems to be a particular drawing point for critics, with one noting that “this is a group that knows the importance of consistency and quality, wherever it opens.”

New Yorkers, of course, are no strangers to a good steakhouse; this city practically invented the genre. But it also means that people seem generally open to welcoming another meat house to the mix, particularly when they’re modern takes.