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Danny Meyer’s Sky-High Manhatta Design Is Obviously All About That View

Manhatta features lots of walnut and domestic decor to contrast its sprawling urban views

28 Liberty St. tower
28 Liberty St. tower
Photo via SOM

It comes as no surprise that Danny Meyer’s penthouse Financial District restaurant Manhatta has a very specific design centered around its wild view . Located all the way up on the 60th floor of the midcentury 28 Liberty St. tower, it comes with sprawling views of the East River, Brooklyn, and downtown Manhattan. Architectural Digest took a look at the design elements at play in the restaurant, which opens Tuesday, July 17. Here’s what to know about Manhatta’s aesthetic.

They wanted the dining room to be more cozy and homey than swanky

According to Architectural Digest, Meyer and his design team — led by Wade Little from Woods Bagot — went for a distinctly domestic and cozy vibe rather than something more upscale to go with the sweeping views. There’s an open kitchen visible to all diners that includes a subway-tiled workspace. “There is no question that very few of us have this kind of a view out our window at home,” Meyer told Architectural Digest. “So putting in an open kitchen that almost feels like a domestic kitchen was important as a counterbalance.” The wine cellar is visible, too, located behind a wall of glass on the dining floor.

Earthy tones dominate the space

In contrast to the industrial colors of Manhatta’s views, the restaurant is awash in honey, coffee, and deep aquamarine, Little tells Architectural Digest. The bar uses walnut and granite, and the tables and chairs are made with walnut, too.

The design is still all about the views

While aspects of the design are meant to contrast the views, the team made deliberate choices to showcase the restaurant’s views, too: Perforated bronze pendant lights, for instance, were selected to minimize reflections against the windows after sunset. And rather than shelves of bottles behind the bar, there’s a panel of windows looking out into Manhattan.

The restaurant has more than 100 original paintings

While there’s plenty to look at outside the restaurant, there’s also artwork throughout the inside. The design team and Meyer selected Manhatta’s paintings from the Artists’ Pension Trust, a foundation that seeks to bring financial security to emerging artists.

As for food, Manhatta offers a French-American menu with three courses for $78. There are also bar snacks for $10 like fried oysters and a croque madame. Stay tuned for more photos of the space soon.


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