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Una Pizza Napoletana Isn’t ‘Groundbreaking,’ But Mangieri Is Still a Master, Critic Says

Plus, new Sichuan heads to East Village — and more intel

Margherita pizza
Una’s margherita pizza
Photo by Gary He

Another review rolls in for Una Pizza Napoletana

Pizza obsessive Anthony Mangieri’s anticipated return to NYC gets two stars from New York’s Adam Platt, who awards one of the stars for the small plates from Mangieri’s new partners Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske Valtierra. The margherita and bianca had perfect combinations of ingredients, Platt writes, and dishes like raw scallops were impressive. Considering the proliferation of pizza in the city since Mangieri left, “there’s not much about this latest reboot that feels revelatory or groundbreaking, especially at these prices,” Platt writes, but some fans will still find value in experiencing Mangieri’s particular expertise. Eater’s critic Ryan Sutton gave the restaurant one star earlier this summer.

New Sichuan for East Village, and other coming attractions and closings

The former Chao Chao space in East Village may soon be home to a new Sichuan restaurant. The owners are seeking a beer and wine license. The team behind sports bar The Grayson are pitching a new spot called No Reservations on Avenue C; the sample menu includes lots of bar food like burgers and wings. A former bartender of Fatta Cuckoo wants to open a French-American restaurant called There at 154 Orchard St. But Zen Yai Pho Shop at 518 Sixth St. has closed. The owners say they’re moving it to a bigger location elsewhere and that the shop will soon be a totally new restaurant.

Disability advocates speak out against aspects of proposed straw ban

The fight to dump plastic draws has rapidly gained traction in the last few months — behemoths like Starbucks have already committed to doing it — but advocates for people with disabilities are now asking to take a pause on a proposed ban in NYC, saying that many people need them in order to drink. They’re asking that businesses still provide straws upon request and for signs letting people know that they can ask for straws. “Straws might be a minor issue to you, but it’s a big issue to us. This shows how we are overlooked when policies are being considered,” one woman said.

Who’s on NYC’s Nightlife Advisory Board

The city’s first Nightlife Advisory Board now has its members, people who will be advising the mayor and City Council on all things in the bar industry for a two-year term. Appointed by both the council and the mayor, members range from liquor license attorney Robert Bookman and New York City Hospitality Alliance’s Andrew Rigie to DJ Tikka Masala and drag artist/LGBTQ advocate Marti Gould Cummings. See the full list here.

Una Pizza Napoletana

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