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Manhattan Retail Rents Are Largely Dropping, Report Says

Plus, Zutto sets a reopening date — and more intel

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Manhattan retail rents are dropping, except in Times Square

A new report shows that over the last year, retail rents either stayed flat or declined in major retail corridors — except for Times Square, where rent continued to go up. Soho, Madison Avenue, Herald Square, and Upper Fifth Avenue all saw declines; average asking rents on Fifth between 49th and 60th streets in particular dropped 18 percent between this year and last year. But Times Square asking rents have ticked up, and the spaces in Union Square and Flatiron District are still “in great demand.” Vacancy has dropped 3 percent and asking rent has stayed flat.

Longtime Tribeca restaurant Zutto returns this month and other coming attractions and relocations

Tribeca Japanese restaurant Zutto closed in May after 30 years in the neighborhood, but now it has a reopening date on the books. The pub with ramen, buns, and small plates will be back in business by July 24th. Over in Harlem, a juice shop called Break Juicery is opening soon. And Flattops — a ’90s-themed restaurant from the owners of brunch favorite Queens Comfort — is moving. The Astoria spot known for eclectic dishes like a burger with a fried mac-and-cheese patty on top has closed and says it will be reopening elsewhere in the neighborhood.

Shuko chef’s Sunday routine

The Times highlights the Sunday routine of Jimmy Lau, the chef and co-owner of hip omakase restuarant Shuko. The Jackson Heights resident sleeps in and visits a location of Chinese bakery chain Fay Da, going for a chestnut bun. Most of the day, though, is spent cooking with his family, including his nephew who happens to work at Masa’s Tetsu. By dinner time, Lau might stop by Eim Khao Mun Kai or Spicy Shallot for another meal.

The simple highball is hot right now

Grub Street takes a look at the proliferation of highballs, the simple cocktail category with a spirit, soda, and citrus that includes rum-and-coke or whiskey soda. Though it’s a straightforward formula, some bars are injecting excitement into the genre. Long Island Bar’s scotch and soda includes shiso leaf and grapefruit; Karasu’s version uses Suntory Toki whiskey and green apple soda. At Bar Goto, both the glass and whiskey are stored in a freezer until serving. It’s about having a simple option that can be eaten with food and is ultimately “effervescent and fresh.”

New Yorker review of photo-friendly and resort-like Chicha

Bushwick’s new Nicaraguan restaurant Chicha is a beachy, colorful space totally fit for Instagram, writes Hannah Goldfield in this week’s Tables for Two. It’s the only Nicaraguan restaurant in New York, and though it encourages diners to ask questions about unfamiliar dishes, most of the food “seems chosen — and plated — to be as familiar as possible,” Goldfield writes. Still, it’s “mostly delicious,” and the bar, with lots of rum and draft cockails, “is especially great.”