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Disney Swallows Up the Decade-Old Original City Winery Location

The 10-year-old wine bar and music venue will have to relocate

City Winery Photo via City Winery/Facebook

As a part of Disney’s newly announced headquarter move from the Upper West Side to Hudson Square, decade-old original location of wine bar and music venue City Winery will be forced to relocate.

Founder and CEO Michael Dorf tells Gothamist that company, which has since grown to five other cities across the country, has already started to look for new spaces. The move won’t happen until January 1, 2020, though, so there is some time before the shuffle occurs.

“Each of those spaces is bigger and better than the one I’ve done in New York, and I’ve learned a lot,” Dorf tells Gothamist. “So for me the idea of moving into a new location is really exciting because I’m going to be able to take those 10 years of experience combining a working winery with a restaurant and music venue in the middle of Manhattan, and make what will be our ultimate flagship.”

The idea is to stay in Manhattan, which would require quite some space as half of the wine served at the location is made on site from 80 tons of grapes from Argentina, Chile, Oregon, Washington and California. The current location spreads across 30,000 square feet.

Since City Winery opened in 2008, it’s become a go-to date destination and venue for musicians, comedians, and even cabaret from designer Isaac Mizrahi.

City Winery

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