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Eggslut Chef Finally Opens a Permanent NYC Restaurant This Month

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The Usual from Alvin Cailan is headed to the Nolitan hotel

Alvin Cailan
Alvin Cailan
Photo by Alberto Vargas

After over a year of various pop-ups, Eggslut chef Alvin Cailan is finally getting his very own New York City restaurant. The Usual is coming to the Nolitan hotel, at 30 Kenmare St. between Elizabeth and Mott streets, where the popular Los Angeles chef will serve immigrant-inspired, craveworthy food starting June 15, the Times reports.

Cailan is focusing here on “food we all crave,” he told the Times, but with twists from his cooks who are “the children of immigrants.” Fried chicken, a burger, flatbreads, and a chocolate cake are all on the menu, which he hopes to have a neighborhood feel, rather than become a destination. He’s working with his brother Anthony, who’s in charge of the drinks, including wines from more than 150 winemakers.

Cailan started cooking in NYC with Chefs Club Counter, testing out various concepts including breakfast sandwich spot Eggslut, Filipino restaurant Amboy, breakfast-heavy Paper Planes, and burgers. At one point, he said Paper Planes would go permanent, but that has not yet come to fruition. He’s most known for his Los Angeles restaurant Eggslut, which has become a breakfast sensation, spurring knockoffs here such as BEC in Chelsea.

Eater has reached out to Cailan for more information, including what else is on the menu and about the space, which opens on June 15 in a limited capacity, then fully on July 1. Stay tuned for more.

The Usual

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