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Emmy Squared Fires Up Popular Detroit-Style Pies in East Village This Summer

The Williamsburg restaurant is gearing up for a Manhattan debut

Emily’s Detroit-style pizza Paul Crispin Quitoriano

Signage is up in the East Village for Emmy Squared, the Williamsburg pizzeria from the Emily team that kicked off New York City’s Detroit-style pizza craze. The owners of Emily had previously said they were “considering” 83 First Ave. and Fifth Street as a location for Emmy Squared, but this signage, and a “coming soon” designation on its website, now confirms the news, EV Grieve reports.

Emmy Squared’s route to Manhattan has been circuitous, with reports emerging in 2017 that the now-West Village location of Emily would be an Emmy Squared, and then that the former GG’s would be one. Now an undisclosed concept from owners Matthew and Emily Hyland will be going into GG’s, and this First Avenue location will actually be a space for Detroit-style pizza and the Hylands’ cult-favorite burger.

Emmy Squared became popular for its one-and-a-half-inch-thick square pan pizzas, served with a layer of sauce on top and crispy edges around. It’s a style that Eater critic Ryan Sutton called “so gosh darn amazing.” The other standout on the menu has been the burger, a sauce double stack served with American cheese, greens, pickles, and waffle fries. Since Emmy Squared came onto the scene in spring 2016, Detroit-style pizza has spread across the city at places like the Heights and Lions and Tigers and Squares.

The East Village location of Emmy Squared is on track to open this summer; stay tuned for more.

Emmy Squared

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