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FiDi Finance Bros Can Soon Blow Their Amex on an $180 Wagyu Sandwich

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Don Wagyu’s luxe fried beef sandwiches on white bread also come with fries sprinkled with nori

Don Wagyu
Don Wagyu
Photo by Serena Dai

Don Wagyu — a new FiDi restaurant dedicated to the increasingly popular, Instagram-friendly, and uber-pricey wagyu sandwiches — will start serving little luxury beef sandwiches for $28 to $180 this week.

Located at 28 South William St. near Broad Street, the luxe new takeout option in the neighborhood comes from Sushi on Jones and Uchu owner Derek Feldman, Samuel Clonts, and executive chef Corwin Kave.

The restaurant’s luxe wagyu katsu sando features a five-ounce slab of beef, which is deep-fried in panko and wedged between crustless squares of white bread. There are three meat levels ranging from expensive to ridiculously expensive. At the lower end, there’s an American wagyu cross for $28, but the two Japanese options jump in price, with the top tier Ozaki beef coming from a single farm and aged for 36 months. According to a rep for the restaurant, the farm only ships five cattle to the U.S. every month and Don Wagyu has an exclusive partnership to receive all of it.

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The bank-breaking sandwiches at least come with fries and a pickle — the fries are coated in nori, and the pickles are made at the restaurant. Clonts and Feldman have already been serving a wagyu sandwich in town as part of the tasting menu at the kaiseki Uchu, but now they’re going all in with a restaurant solely focused on it.

Over the last four years, the sandwiches started making the rounds on Instagram in Japan, and more recently, wagyu katsu sandos started popping up on menus in the U.S. too, taking off as a national trend. A Japanese company called Wagyumafia also has plans to open a location in NYC, but Don Wagyu hopped on the trend train quickly and will be the first restaurant dedicated to the wagyu katsu sando in NYC.

Dining in at the restaurant is also an option, though space is limited. There are six seats at a bar, which also serves whiskey, sake, and beer. It will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. starting either Wednesday or Thursday. Stay tuned for more.

Don Wagyu

28 South William St., New York, NY 10004

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