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Dufresne’s LES Sandwich Shop Byggyz Will Close After Less Than a Year

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Dewey Dufresne’s restaurant was a long time in the making, but it lasted just 10 months

Photo by Robert Sietsema

Byggyz, the wacky LES sandwich shop from renowned molecular gastronomy chef Wylie Dufresne’s dad Dewey Dufresne, will close on July 1 according to management. After taking six years to open, the tiny shop selling ingredient-heavy sandwiches lasted just 10 months at 37-39 Clinton St. near Stanton Street.

The menu was tight with just four sandwiches, including the signature “Byggybeef” made with braised beef short rib, American cheese, hot peppers, pickled vegetables, pomegranate demi-glaze, and a house sauce of mayo, mustard, and sweet peppers. Its sandwiches came jam-packed with ingredients and are also all over $12, putting it on the more upscale end of straightforward sandwich shops.

While the brick and mortar location will soon close, Grub Street reports that Byggyz will still have a presence at both Smorgasburg locations, serving the sandwiches that Dewey has become well known for over several decades.

Dewey opened a shop called Joe’s in 1969. Even the “Byggybeef” has a reputation longer than the eventual shop built around it: He debuted the sandwich at the San Gennaro festival back in 2011. He got the Byggyz space in 2015, but construction and permit delays held the shop up for two and a half years. Eater NY has reached out for more information about the closure.


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